如何 Soft Water Will Make You Love Dishwashing


如何 Soft Water Will Make You Love Dishwashing

Are you ready to take your dishwashing to the next level? 如果你喜欢你的餐具闪闪发光,你的眼镜闪闪发光,我们有好消息要告诉你. 只需几个小时,一位水专家就会来到你家,改变你的洗碗体验.

Hard water makes dishwashing hard to bear. 无论你多么努力地去除盘子上讨厌的白色残留物, it never seems to go away. 问题是,你试图洗碗的水使情况变得更糟. 最重要的是, 硬水中的矿物质以一种不同寻常的方式与肥皂相互作用, making it less effective.

如果你准备升级你家的水,是时候考虑一个 residential 软水器. 你的水会通过一个复杂的系统,将水中讨厌的矿物质转化为钠离子, leaving your water delightfully soft. 水龙头里流出来的水不会留下污渍,肥皂可以清除家里的油脂和污垢.

Signs You Could Benefit From a 软水器

软水器对你的整个家都有好处,而不仅仅是厨房的水槽. Even if your main frustration is your dishes, 有无数的理由,你会喜欢在家里安装一个软水器. 这很容易 硬水试验 if you believe it is causing your problems, 但以下这些迹象表明,你的盘子受到了硬水问题的影响.

  • White Spots on Your Dishes. The minerals in hard water show up as a white film after the water dries. Water spots are especially obvious when dishes are left to drip dry, but even if you towel them off, you may still leave a film on your dishes.
  • 浑浊或晦暗的盘子. A dishwasher with hard water will etch dishes over time. 硬水矿物质会磨碎,对你的盘子造成永久性损伤. 你可能见过不管你清洗多少次,杯子都是浑浊的. 这是因为水中的矿物质实际上会在玻璃表面造成微小的划痕,对玻璃器皿造成不可逆转的损害. It can cause your china to look dull and your flatware to lose its shine.
  • 低效的洗碗机. 如果你的洗碗机不像以前那样工作了,你可能会责怪你的硬水. 这个问题是双重的.第一个, limescale can accumulate in your water lines, making it more challenging for water to pass through and do its job. 水管容量的减少意味着你的洗碗机需要更努力地工作才能跟上. At a certain point, it just won’t be able to produce adequate results.Secondly, your soap isn’t working as well. 你的盘子看起来没有光泽,因为你需要更多的肥皂来做同样的工作. Since you probably aren’t tossing in multiple dishwasher tabs, your dishes probably aren’t getting clean.
  • 缺乏泡沫. 当你用硬水手洗盘子时,你会发现肥皂没有像它应该的那样起泡. 你的肥皂忙于对抗水中的镁和钙,以至于它不能做它应该做的事情. Hard water means you will have to use a lot of soap, or your dishes won’t get as clean as they should.

What Can You Do to Get Your Dishes Cleaner?

有多种方法可以解决硬水的问题. The right solution for you will depend on the severity of the situation, 你的预算, and your desire for a permanent solution.

  • 醋. The easiest and most accessible option is to use vinegar. 醋中的酸度对清除水垢非常有效. 你也可以把它作为一种预防措施,在它积聚之前阻止它. 你可以在洗碗之前把盘子泡在热水里,再加点醋,或者在洗碗机的底部倒点醋. 这是非常简单的,可以帮助抵消损坏盘子的矿物质.
  • 硬水产品. There are products on the market that produce a similar result. You can find them at any grocery or hardware store. 将它们添加到洗碗机中可以减少矿物质对盘子的影响.
  • 软水器. 解决硬水的最终办法是在家里安装一个软水器系统. 通过从源头上解决问题,你将看到远远超出你厨房水槽的好处. All the water in your home will be free from minerals, and you can enjoy dishes without frustrating residue.

For people who thrive in a clean environment, the result of eliminating hard water is incredibly exciting. 当你知道你的盘子真的在变干净时,洗碗会很有趣. 消除困扰你的水渍会给你带来终极的满足感. 最重要的是,你可以保存你喜欢的瓷器、餐具和玻璃器皿.


Dealing with hard water can make dishwashing a real chore. 如果你怀疑硬水是罪魁祸首,你可以做一些简单的测试来证实. 下面的信息图列出了你的盘子受到硬水影响的明显迹象.

4 Hard Water Dishwashing Effects Infographic


如何 Soft Water Will Make You Love Dishwashing